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Interested in Urban Farming + Sustainability? Here are 10 Influencers You Need To Know About


Annie Novak 

Featured in Vogue, The New York Times, the Martha Stewart Show, Annie is one of the leading ladies in the urban farming and sustainable food movement. She is the author of the Rooftop Growing Guide, founder Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, New York and director of Growing Chefs a food education program.

Tanya Fields

Tayna, executive director of The BLK ProjeK, has devoted her career to helping struggling communities take ownership of their food resources. She believes there is strong community in growing, cooking, and eating food together.

Diana Rodgers, RD

Using her blog, Sustainable Dish, Diana educates the public on nutrition, social justice, sustainability and food policy from her farm in Boston. She is also working on a documentary to highlight these issues through a new medium.

Karen Washington

Karen Washington, with a deep passion for heritage and storytelling, is the co-founder of La Familia Verde and Black Urban Farmers in the The Bronx.

Zaro Bates 

Operator of a 5,000 square-foot property in Staten Island, Zaro also calls her farmland home. She grows a wide variety of produce, donating to local food banks and sourcing to local restaurants. Her goal is to reframe public notions about what farming is and how it impacts urban communities.


The Feed Feed

While not specifically focussed on local and sustainable food, this megasite provides strong seasonal content delicious recipes. Their posts consists heavily of produce that can be found at your local market or farm.

Grow NYC

This non-profit is the largest providers of farmers markets, public gardens, and educational resources in NYC’s five boroughs. When I have questions about markets and or want more information about New York’s sustainability resources, Grow NYC is my first stop.

Square Roots NYC

Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk, is out to revolutionize the local food industry. Working in Brooklyn, Kimbal is the co-founder of an urban farming center called Square Roots. The organization exists to teach people how to farm in cities, providing clean, non-processed food to their local communities.

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange has quickly made a name for itself in New York City for their summer garden parties, rooftop yoga sessions and educational courses. They are building a community around their farm. With two NYC farms, the company is a leader in rooftop farming, growing roughly 50,000 lbs. of produce each year.

Urban Gardens Republic

This blog and Instagram feed provides advise and inspiration for amateur urban gardeners. If you are looking to take your commitment to living locally to the next level, this is the perfect resource for growing fruits and vegetables on your own rooftop, fire escape, or balcony.


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