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A Guide to NYC’s CSA Programs

There’s more than one way to eat locally. CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, allows you to receive farm-fresh goods without the hassle of shopping yourself. While CSA programs are a little pricey and typically require you pay up front, I recommend sharing a subscription with your roommates or friends.

Hearty Roots Community Farm

With pick-up locations in Williamsburg, Bay Ridge, Greenwood Heights, Riverdale, Washington Heights, and the Upper West Side, Hearty Roots has options for every New Yorker.

Local Roots NYC

This CSA is my personal favorite because they understand the way New Yorkers operate. Knowing that we hate commitment and shy away from restrictions, Local Roots NYC allows you to choose what assortment you want to receive. Unlike other programs,

Sunny side Community Supported Agriculture

If you’re in Queens, try this local program! With a diverse supply of fruits, veggies, and breads, this is the perfect place for the Queens community to find local eats.

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